Green Coffee Supplements: Miracle or Hype?

by UK Green Coffee Bean Extract on September 18, 2015

What if I told you there is a supplement available to help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure and help you lower your cholesterol? Would you believe me, or would you brush me off, saying to yourself, “Oh, this is just another scam.”

This looks to be the real deal, with studies to back up its claims. The supplement that is all over the news is green coffee bean extract. The only catch is that the effective supplements must be pure, with no fillers or chemicals added to them.

Green Coffee Supplements ExplainedGreen Coffee Supplements

The green coffee bean extract supplement is an exciting find in the world of weight loss, and blows the mind of those in the scientific community. Studies conducted at the University of Scranton in March of 2012 proved not only the efficacy and safety of this supplement, but it also proved you can lose weight without changing your diet or having to exercise. Over a 22 week period of time, 22 participants began by taking the full dose–500 mg twice day before meals for six weeks. They then stopped for a period of two weeks. The next six weeks the dose was reduced, followed by another two week rest period. The last six weeks they were given a placebo. During this time the participants ate 2,400 calories a day, which is considerably more than the average person, and did not exercise. The results? The participants lost, on average, 18 pounds, and 16 percent body fat. There were no side effects reported.

It is important to note that all participants reported an increase in energy, along with a decrease in bad cholesterol and an increase in their good cholesterol. More good news abounds. Green coffee bean extract supplement lowers blood pressure in those with mild to moderately high blood pressure, lowering your risk of heart attack. It also improves blood circulation through blood vessels, decreasing your risk of high blood pressure.

The importance of purchasing pure green coffee bean extract cannot be stressed enough, however. Many companies exist who have now jumped on this bandwagon, trying to make as much money as possible on this weight loss miracle. Unfortunately, not all can be trusted. To make the most money, they use fillers and chemicals in their products which not only results in negative side effects, but also reduces the efficacy of the product. So how do you know what a filler is? You examine the label before offering your credit card number. Any reputable company will have this available to you on their website. These fillers and chemicals include harmful ingredients which can cause negative side effects. You can benefit greatly by taking a green coffee bean extract supplement, but you must make sure it is 100% pure, such as Pure Green Coffee. This is a supplement that has been proven and tested, can ship to the United Kingdom, and is made of the purest ingredients on the market today.

No matter how many times you have tried to lose weight and failed, no matter how many green coffee supplements you have tried in the past, there is now real hope for you. You can finally trust in a supplement that is on the market, and why? Because actual scientific studies support the promises being made about it. There are no more empty promises, only the truth. You do not have to give up hope any longer. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is called green coffee bean extract!

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