Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss

by UK Green Coffee Bean Extract on April 27, 2016

Green coffee bean extract has recently gained importance as a powerful weight loss supplement. As with many supplements that promise to help you lose weight, there may be skepticism surrounding the effectiveness of this product and others like it. If you’re looking for the best green coffee bean extract weight loss reviews, you might have felt there’s too much information out there — and uncertain about which sources you can trust.

Fortunately, green coffee bean extract is in fact a tried and true means of losing weight and keeping it off. The supplement has a number of important benefits, including the ability to speed up your metabolism; the ability to suppress cravings; and the effect of helping your cells burn energy more efficiently, reducing the overall amount of fat you store in the body.

How it Works

Green coffee bean extract is taken from the beans before they are roasted. You are likely familiar with normal coffee beans, which are brown due to the roasting process, where many of their benefits are lost. One of the most important benefits of green coffee beans is chlorogenic acid, which does get lost during the roasting process. Unfortunately, without chlorogenic acid, coffee beans have no way to help with the weight loss process at all. However, taking the extract from green coffee beans — i.e., those that are unroasted — helps to preserve the benefits of chlorogenic acid.

Why Chlorogenic Acid Boosts Weight Loss

In addition to being able to suppress appetite, chlorogentic acid improves production of lypolitic enzymes. These enzymes cause the breakdown of fat within the body, allowing your cells to utilize fat as a source of energy. Chlorogenic acid also helps in preventing the body from converting stored carbohydrates into fat, which it often does by default.

User Reviews

Many individuals who use green coffee bean extract as a means of losing weight find that it is immensely helpful in keeping healthy. One user who took the supplement found her energy levels going way up — more than if she drank a cup of coffee, by far. In addition, she had fewer cravings, and noticed that although she didn’t change her diet much, she was eating less because she simply didn’t feel as hungry. She found that after taking the supplement, she lost 15 pounds without adding any extra exercise to her normal daily routine.

The Effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract on Health

One study done on individuals who had high blood pressure and took green coffee bean extract found that in taking small doses of the product over two weeks, they were able to reduce their blood pressure by at least 20%. This made the extract a natural, holistic method of improving health and wellness by reducing blood pressure. The supplement also has the ability to reduce the effects of diabetes — or in some cases, eliminate them entirely. This is because green coffee bean extract can control glucose release times within the bloodstream, as it additionally helps your cells shed excess fat. For this reason, you will utilize more glucose in your cells as an immediate energy source — so it doesn’t end up affecting your blood sugar.

In addition, green coffee bean extract helps in boosting the metabolism. This is again because of chlorogenic acid, which was shown in a study done in 2012 that adults who used the extract over 12 weeks, in dosages of 600 to 1000mg per day, lost a total of 20 pounds more than those who didn’t. The study participants were all overweight, with BMI ranges beyond the normal 25 (considered healthy).

This allowed participants to lose more than 10% of body weight overall, and resulted in improved energy, vitality, immune functioning, and of course, reduced hypertension and diabetes symptoms. Some diabetic participants found that the disease was reversed entirely, and they no longer had to take insulin.


Ultimately, green coffee bean extract weight loss reviews frequently talk about how effective this supplement is at helping you lose weight. But few of them go into the science behind it, which we’re hoping to highlight through this investigation. Overall, the use of chlorogenic acid within green coffee bean extract is its main source of weight loss and metabolism boosting, as well as the ease at which it can be taken (and its lack of side effects). Chances are if you try taking the supplement without changing your diet or activity levels at all, you’ll see some results — though it’s often more effective to incorporate a healthy eating plan and exercise at the same time.

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