Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss

by UK Green Coffee Bean Extract on April 27, 2016

Green coffee bean extract has recently gained importance as a powerful weight loss supplement. As with many supplements that promise to help you lose weight, there may be skepticism surrounding the effectiveness of this product and others like it. If you’re looking for the best green coffee bean extract weight loss reviews, you might have felt there’s too much information out there — and uncertain about which sources you can trust.

Fortunately, green coffee bean extract is in fact a tried and true means of losing weight and keeping it off. The supplement has a number of important benefits, including the ability to speed up your metabolism; the ability to suppress cravings; and the effect of helping your cells burn energy more efficiently, reducing the overall amount of fat you store in the body.

How it Works

Green coffee bean extract is taken from the beans before they are roasted. You are likely familiar with normal coffee beans, which are brown due to the roasting process, where many of their benefits are lost. One of the most important benefits of green coffee beans is chlorogenic acid, which does get lost during the roasting process. Unfortunately, without chlorogenic acid, coffee beans have no way to help with the weight loss process at all. However, taking the extract from green coffee beans — i.e., those that are unroasted — helps to preserve the benefits of chlorogenic acid.

Why Chlorogenic Acid Boosts Weight Loss

In addition to being able to suppress appetite, chlorogentic acid improves production of lypolitic enzymes. These enzymes cause the breakdown of fat within the body, allowing your cells to utilize fat as a source of energy. Chlorogenic acid also helps in preventing the body from converting stored carbohydrates into fat, which it often does by default.

User Reviews

Many individuals who use green coffee bean extract as a means of losing weight find that it is immensely helpful in keeping healthy. One user who took the supplement found her energy levels going way up — more than if she drank a cup of coffee, by far. In addition, she had fewer cravings, and noticed that although she didn’t change her diet much, she was eating less because she simply didn’t feel as hungry. She found that after taking the supplement, she lost 15 pounds without adding any extra exercise to her normal daily routine.

The Effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract on Health

One study done on individuals who had high blood pressure and took green coffee bean extract found that in taking small doses of the product over two weeks, they were able to reduce their blood pressure by at least 20%. This made the extract a natural, holistic method of improving health and wellness by reducing blood pressure. The supplement also has the ability to reduce the effects of diabetes — or in some cases, eliminate them entirely. This is because green coffee bean extract can control glucose release times within the bloodstream, as it additionally helps your cells shed excess fat. For this reason, you will utilize more glucose in your cells as an immediate energy source — so it doesn’t end up affecting your blood sugar.

In addition, green coffee bean extract helps in boosting the metabolism. This is again because of chlorogenic acid, which was shown in a study done in 2012 that adults who used the extract over 12 weeks, in dosages of 600 to 1000mg per day, lost a total of 20 pounds more than those who didn’t. The study participants were all overweight, with BMI ranges beyond the normal 25 (considered healthy).

This allowed participants to lose more than 10% of body weight overall, and resulted in improved energy, vitality, immune functioning, and of course, reduced hypertension and diabetes symptoms. Some diabetic participants found that the disease was reversed entirely, and they no longer had to take insulin.


Ultimately, green coffee bean extract weight loss reviews frequently talk about how effective this supplement is at helping you lose weight. But few of them go into the science behind it, which we’re hoping to highlight through this investigation. Overall, the use of chlorogenic acid within green coffee bean extract is its main source of weight loss and metabolism boosting, as well as the ease at which it can be taken (and its lack of side effects). Chances are if you try taking the supplement without changing your diet or activity levels at all, you’ll see some results — though it’s often more effective to incorporate a healthy eating plan and exercise at the same time.

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Pure Green Coffee Extract Review

by UK Green Coffee Bean Extract on December 17, 2015

Green coffee bean extract is one of the newest forms of weight loss that is all natural, 100% scientifically sound, and easy to use. Referring to raw or unroasted beans of coffee fruits, the process of roasting beans is simply skipped to keep the beans in their natural unroasted form. Producing a special type of weight loss boosting chemical, green coffee extract is an excellent way to increase fat burn and see greater results in your weight loss efforts. Here’s our review of Pure Green Coffee Extract.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?
As many people who have tried to lose weight know, losing weight is very hard. Supplements can make it easier, but only if they are truly effective. Green coffee bean extract is a powerful supplement containing chlorogenic acid in high amounts. While green coffee bean extract also contains caffeine, which can boost metabolism significantly, chlorogenic acid does so even more.

Studies on humans have shown that this unique chemical reduces the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, lowering blood sugar significantly. Thus, it is almost like taking green coffee bean extract mimics the effects of eating a low carb diet.
Studies that Prove the Effectiveness of this Supplement
Additionally, studies done in mice and rats have demonstrated that this unique compound will actually reduce overall body weight and lower the amount of fat that is absorbed into the blood stream. Researchers think that chlorogenic acid stops and lows the release of glucose, meaning that instead of excess glucose getting stored as fat cells, chlorogenic acid will essentially slow the release of glucose significantly. Thus, the liver can metabolize fat better — leading ultimately to weight loss.

User Reviews and Results
On average, users of green coffee extract lost about seventeen pounds over 3-4 weeks. One user didn’t change her diet or exercise at all and still lost over five pounds each month. Another user said she saw huge boosts in her self esteem after attempting to lose weight before — and lost over 20 pounds in just three weeks. Another user lose more than six pounds — and while he said he isn’t very active, he still is meeting his goals.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Affects the Body’s Carb Absorption
It is believed that green coffee affects how the body absorbs carbs on the whole, chiefly by lowering glucose absorption. This can also help to prevent diabetes and manage blood sugar levels. When taken in pill form, green coffee bean extract can help you lose weight safely and effectively. You won’t have to change your lifestyle dramatically; you will just need to start taking the recommended dosage. There are additional benefits to cholorogenic acid in pure green coffee extract as well, including reduced blood pressure, anti inflammatory effects, and certainly weight and fat loss on the whole.

If you did make dietary changes — including cutting out fats and sugars as much as possible sand sticking to a natural, whole-grain based diet — you would see greater results with this product. Additionally, incorporating a simple exercise plan will also help in accelerating the weight loss process.

No Side Effects
Thankfully, no reviewers have yet reported any side effects with green coffee beans. If you’re looking to improve your health in a way that doesn’t include side effects, you can rest assured that green coffee beans are safe to take. This product is made entirely without additives or artificial ingredients. Clinically proven and backed by a money back guarantee, the company will ship this product to you to give you a chance to figure out if it works for you. Made in the USA and certified by FDA inspected facilities, it is very low in caffeine, meaning that you won’t take it and leave feeling buzzed or overstimulated.

A Simple Way of Achieving Weight Loss Goals
Pure green coffee extract will help you get the weight loss results you desire through safe, simple, and effective means. You’ll be taking a 100% natural supplement without any fillers or artificial ingredients. You will also save a lot of money on other diet products; now you only need one product, combined with your healthy diet and exercise program.

Thanks to Pure Green Coffee Extract, you only need to head over to the website and order your next shipment. If you are tired of looking the mirror and feeling stuck with your current weight, now you can make some simple but powerful changes that will help you finally achieve the weight loss goals you have been aiming for.


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Green Coffee Tablets – Do they Work?

by UK Green Coffee Bean Extract on September 20, 2015

You may have heard about the weight loss and overall health benefits that come from using green coffee bean extract, and when it comes to what really is in these magic pills and beans, it’s still unknown to many people. These weight loss pills are making a name for themselves and have helped people everywhere reveal a body they have always wanted. You too can now enjoy the benefits and here is a little more about green coffee tablets and how they work in the body.

The Science Behind Green Coffee TabletsGreen Coffee Tablets

Green coffee tablets come from green coffee beans and contain the dietary compound chlorogenic acid in them which is what makes them so powerful and effective. These pills are most commonly used for losing weight but they can also help with lowering your chances of heart disease, high cholesterol and can even help manage high blood sugars in those with diabetes.

The chlorogenic acid found in these tablets is absorbed in the body helping to cut back on carb absorption and fat absorption. Green coffee is unprocessed coffee beans and there is a roasting process that takes place as well. There are still large amounts of natural ingredients in these tablets which makes them so popular. Nothing is added to them which can cause side effects that you find in so many other weight loss products on the market.

Because blood sugar can play a huge role in weight loss for so many people, using green coffee tablets is beneficial to supporting healthy and effective weight loss. Sugar levels are balanced with use and it also helps raise the body’s metabolic rate allowing the body to burn fat and calories more effectively. Having a slow metabolism is why the body holds on to so much of the fat and calories that hang around the midsection, thighs, hips and arms.

Studies done in a group of people showed an average loss of 17 pounds and which about 10 percent of body weight loss. There was an average of 10% loss in total body fat which came from them consuming about 2,400 calories a day in conjunction with exercise. An average 400 calories were burned through exercise done by participants.

While some researchers feel the caffeine in these green coffee tablets is what helped aid in weight loss, it was actually the chlorogenic acid which helps stop the body from absorbing fat, calories and carbohydrates from the foods you consume. Because the tablets are only made from all natural ingredients side effects are reduced and the body can handle the pills a lot easier than with other products on the market.

The body doesn’t form dependence to them allowing you to stop use once you have reached the weight you are reaching for. Millions of people have watched their body transform from something they once were unsatisfied with to something they can’t wait to show off to friends! You too can enjoy this type of confidence as these green coffee tablets have helped millions of people gain back a sexier physique than they ever had.

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Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

by UK Green Coffee Bean Extract on September 18, 2015

Mmmmm… coffee. There is nothing comparable to the smell of a fresh pot of brewing java in the morning. It opens your peepers and prepares you for the day ahead. It puts a smile on your face the moment the first sip hits your anxiously awaiting tongue. And its caffeine is just the energy boost you need when the afternoon “blahs” strike. But what if it could do more? What if your favorite morning and afternoon beverage could aid in weight loss, or help control diabetes? It can, you know. Unfortunately, not in your favorite form–brewed. These benefits await you in the latest and greatest dietary supplement known as green coffee bean extract, and oh what an amazing supplement this can be!
Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract: What Is It?

Green coffee bean extract does not differ much from the the coffee you drink in the morning. The extract is produced from these coffee beans, and so is your freshly brewed cup of java. However, the difference lies in the production of the bean. These beans come from the fruit of a cherry tree, which produces the loveliest green coffee beans in their rawest, most natural form. In this form, the beans are high in a chemical known as chlorogenic acid, the “secret ingredient” behind the wealth of health benefits green coffee bean extract provides.

Coffee producers in Brazil, South America, Central America and Africa hand pick these beans carefully, then ship to coffee manufacturers who then roast them at high temperatures, providing you with the eye-opening, aromatic java you love so very much. But…it does not contain the chlorogenic acid that green coffee bean extract does. Why? The roasting destroys this vital chemical compound, removing every benefit you could receive. To preserve these benefits, the green coffee beans are preserved in their raw state through a process of soaking until ready to be concentrated into their extract form. This ensures you receive only 100 percent of the chlorogenic acid the beans contain, thus experiencing a plethora of health benefits, particularly weight loss. Now, enough of the technical, let’s move on to the exciting information!

Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss
So here is the million dollar question: How does green coffee bean extract actually help you lose weight, and how much weight can you lose? The answer to the first is simple, and the studies I have on hand will answer the second.

First, the chlorogenic acid prevents the release of glucose – or sugar – from the foods you eat from being released into your bloodstream. Why is this so important? You need a certain amount of sugar from carbohydrates for energy, but when you consume too much, the excess stores itself as fat in various areas of your body. By preventing the release of glucose into your body, the chlorogenic acid then forces your body to burn the stored fat you have for energy, resulting not only in weight loss, but also in a loss of inches and unsightly cellulite as well.

There is another important component to weight loss, and this is your metabolism. This is the fat burning furnace of your body. If your metabolism is sluggish, you can be certain those unwanted pounds are going to linger no matter what you do. When you make the decision to take green coffee bean extract, your metabolism begins to soar, thanks once more to the chlorogenic acid. So to recap, your body begins burning stored fat, prevents new fat stores from forming and increases your metabolism. Are you ready for the proof? Read on.

Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Weight Loss Studies
I realize you do not know who I am, so why should you take my word for anything? This is why I am providing you with studies performed on the efficacy of green coffee bean extract for weight loss, one of which was conducted by world renowned caridothorasic surgeon and much-loved TV host.

The first study took place at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, and its results presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society. Sixteen overweight individuals participated in the 12 week study, consumed 2,400 calories per day and burned a mere 400 calories through exercise. During the first half they were given 1,050 mg of the extract, and the last half they took 700 mg. The results? The average weight loss was 17 pounds, or approximately 10 percent of their body weight. However, perhaps more impressive was the amount of body FAT lost–16 percent. The participants took the extract 30 minutes prior to meals, three times per day.

When the Doctor heard of this miraculous weight loss supplement, he was impressed, but insisted on doing his own study. He recruited 100 overweight women between the ages of 35 and 49, half of whom received the supplement, the other half receiving the placebo. They were instructed to keep a food journal, but not to change their diet. At the end of the two week study, those taking the extract lost two pounds, those taking the placebo lost one. This, Dr. Oz feels, was due to the food journal, which made them more aware of their eating habits.

Green Coffee Bean Extract for Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes affects almost 26 million adults in the United States, and the numbers continue to rise in the United Kingdom. Obesity is contributing factor, so it only stands to reason that if you lose weight, your management of this disease becomes easier. However, the ability of green coffee bean extract to lower blood sugar levels and “cure” type 2 diabetes in a sense, is a separate health benefit; one that is not necessarily associated with its weight loss benefits. Once more, I have studies to prove it.

Joe Vinson, Ph.D., led this particular study, which included 56 men and women with normal blood sugar levels. Don’t worry, it is still effective. Blood tests were performed to check their blood sugar levels prior to them being given various doses of the green coffee bean extract. Follow-up blood tests were then taken at different timed intervals.

It is important to note that all doses of the extract–100, 200, 300 and 400 mg–showed a significant effect on blood sugar levels. Thirty minutes following administration, participants experienced a 24 percent reduction, while 120 minutes later the reduction was 31 percent. Vinson’s conclusion? He is excited to say that the chlorogenic acid in the green coffee beans can not only aid in weight loss, but help prevent diabetes and help improve glucose control in normal, pre-diabetic and diabetic people.

The benefits of green coffee bean extract are endless, and I could go on for hours about them, with a study backing each. This is only the beginning. If you are among the minority who has not yet caught wind of this amazing health supplement, then I take great pride in introducing it to you. Give green coffee bean extract a try and see what it can do for your health!

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Green Coffee Supplements: Miracle or Hype?

by UK Green Coffee Bean Extract on September 18, 2015

What if I told you there is a supplement available to help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure and help you lower your cholesterol? Would you believe me, or would you brush me off, saying to yourself, “Oh, this is just another scam.”

This looks to be the real deal, with studies to back up its claims. The supplement that is all over the news is green coffee bean extract. The only catch is that the effective supplements must be pure, with no fillers or chemicals added to them.

Green Coffee Supplements ExplainedGreen Coffee Supplements

The green coffee bean extract supplement is an exciting find in the world of weight loss, and blows the mind of those in the scientific community. Studies conducted at the University of Scranton in March of 2012 proved not only the efficacy and safety of this supplement, but it also proved you can lose weight without changing your diet or having to exercise. Over a 22 week period of time, 22 participants began by taking the full dose–500 mg twice day before meals for six weeks. They then stopped for a period of two weeks. The next six weeks the dose was reduced, followed by another two week rest period. The last six weeks they were given a placebo. During this time the participants ate 2,400 calories a day, which is considerably more than the average person, and did not exercise. The results? The participants lost, on average, 18 pounds, and 16 percent body fat. There were no side effects reported.

It is important to note that all participants reported an increase in energy, along with a decrease in bad cholesterol and an increase in their good cholesterol. More good news abounds. Green coffee bean extract supplement lowers blood pressure in those with mild to moderately high blood pressure, lowering your risk of heart attack. It also improves blood circulation through blood vessels, decreasing your risk of high blood pressure.

The importance of purchasing pure green coffee bean extract cannot be stressed enough, however. Many companies exist who have now jumped on this bandwagon, trying to make as much money as possible on this weight loss miracle. Unfortunately, not all can be trusted. To make the most money, they use fillers and chemicals in their products which not only results in negative side effects, but also reduces the efficacy of the product. So how do you know what a filler is? You examine the label before offering your credit card number. Any reputable company will have this available to you on their website. These fillers and chemicals include harmful ingredients which can cause negative side effects. You can benefit greatly by taking a green coffee bean extract supplement, but you must make sure it is 100% pure, such as Pure Green Coffee. This is a supplement that has been proven and tested, can ship to the United Kingdom, and is made of the purest ingredients on the market today.

No matter how many times you have tried to lose weight and failed, no matter how many green coffee supplements you have tried in the past, there is now real hope for you. You can finally trust in a supplement that is on the market, and why? Because actual scientific studies support the promises being made about it. There are no more empty promises, only the truth. You do not have to give up hope any longer. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is called green coffee bean extract!

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